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A Guide2Lean

A Guide2Lean

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A Guide2Lean a handbook in how to work smarter and not harder

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I A Guide2Lean

A translation of Håndbog I Lean.

A guide2Lean  is a handbook on how to work smarter and achieve the same results using fewer resources. The handbook presents a number of tools for working smarter. These tools are developed by people on the floor, so manufacturing a car takes as few resources as possible. In the West, we call it Lean. The handbook is the result of teaching lean for over 15 years. All the main tools are included and presented with exercises. It is an ideal “do it yourself book”. You can use it at work, at home or for developing good ideas. The possibilities are endless. The handbook can be read from start to finish but can also be kept after reading and used as a reference for “how to do things”.

Komptenceforum 2023
ISBN 978-87-92244-14-7

Until the 1. of november 2023 you cant get the english edition to a reduced rate: 300 .dkr

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